Things to tick off the list

Best to have a list - after a brainstorm here is our list. Not in any particular order.

  • Selecting the bridal party - the best man doesn't have to be a man!!
  • Flowers - for the bridal party, the family (parents) and the venue
  • Catering - for the reception, for the bridal party during the photos
  • Photos - at the house where the bride leaves from, during the service, official photos, the reception. Will the photographer come to the rehearsal?
  • Music - recorded or live? As guests are arriving, as the bride walks down the aisle, during the service, as the bridal party leaves
  • Readings, poems, prayers
  • The wedding cake
  • Organising the licence
  • Choosing a celebrant
  • Choosing the ushers
  • Selecting witnesses - don't have to be in the bridal party. A way of including more people
  • Organising accommodation for the night before, night after and perhaps for guests arrving from out of town
  • The honeymoon
  • Leaving the recpetion - when, how
  • Setting up at the venue / Packing down at the venue
  • Returning hire equipment / flower vases etc
  • Setting up a website for guests to click into
  • Involvement of friends and children
  • The rings
  • The attire
  • The cars
  • The ushers
  • Invitations
  • Order of Services
  • Seating arrangement for the service and for the reception
  • Travel arrangements
  • Hair appointments / make up etc
  • Looking after the elderly and the young at the wedding
  • What guests will do during the official photos
  • Thank you cards
  • Inventory of presents and the givers
  • When to open the presents and who will deliver them to the house

At the wedding reception there are lots of creative ideas to get people talking, to have fun and laughter and also to learn more background about the bride and groom - how they met, why they chose the people in their bridal party etc 

... and remember, you don't have to leave the reception by car. We know of a couple who walked away from their reception ... us!